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SpectraShop 5 Released!

The newest and best version of SpectraShop is now available.

Two unique features are the new Instant Difference and Instant Average tools.

This version also includes a new Search Tool which finds spectral matches to your colors.

The existing tools have been upgraded with features such as measurement routing, more graphs, copy and paste, and much more.

More information...

Profiling a UV Target

UV Innovations, in cooperation with Image Science Associates, has produced a new color target for working with UV induced visible fluorescence.

RM Imaging has produced a method to create an ICC matrix profile for this target. This is the first time color management profiling has been applied to UV images.

There are lots of firsts here. Read our paper with this interesting approach to UV photography.


SpectraShop Tutorials

Trying to learn a program from reading the manual is like trying to learn a language by reading a dictionary, all the information is present but lacking a way to organize it to get the job done.

SpectraShop users may now get some extra help from the first of our tutorial series posted here.

Tech Support

Recently we have added a new technical support service using Skype Internet connections. This is a free service where our tech support person links to your computer over the Internet and your computer's screen is shared so that problems can be more easily diagnosed and solutions found. All it takes is a free Skype account to use this feature.

Email or telephone in advance to set up a mutually agreeable time for the connection. For more details see the Support page.

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