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New Spectrophotometry Class

Did you always want to know more about color?

How to measure it? How to read a spectrum?

How to measure challenging materials such as fabrics and powders?

How to check your lighting to make your photographs better?

Learn more about using SpectraShop to get answers to your color questions? 

Now you can get the answers to these and many more questions by signing up for the Introduction to Spectrophotometry class at the new Colorhythm Institute. The instructor is Robin Myers, the creator of SpectraShop, a colorful character who has been involved with applied color since cavemen first tagged the Lascaux caves with their handprint graffiti. More information may be found at

Each participant will receive a license to SpectraShop so you may apply the lessons to your color explorations. The cost is $149, which includes a full license to SpectraShop, a very easy to use program for spectral measurement and analysis. Current SpectraShop owners may attend for a reduced price of $50.
This class is being held in San Francisco on June 21 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at Colorhythm's facilities. Sign up now to begin your journey into the fascinating world of color.

SpectraShop 5 Released!

The newest and best version of SpectraShop is now available.

Two unique features are the new Instant Difference and Instant Average tools.

This version also includes a new Search Tool which finds spectral matches to your colors.

The existing tools have been upgraded with features such as measurement routing, more graphs, copy and paste, and much more.

More information...

Profiling a UV Target

UV Innovations, in cooperation with Image Science Associates, has produced a new color target for working with UV induced visible fluorescence.

RM Imaging has produced a method to create an ICC matrix profile for this target. This is the first time color management profiling has been applied to UV images.

There are lots of firsts here. Read our paper with this interesting approach to UV photography.


Digital Gray Cards™ Discontinued

It was the first gray card on the market specifically designed for digital cameras. Now, after 15 years, the Digital Gray Card™ has been discontinued.

This is the result of a change in the formulation of the raw plastic sheets from which the cards were made. The supplier changed from a wonderfully neutral gray color to a light greenish gray which is anything but neutral. After being unable to find a suitable replacement, we were forced to discontinue making the cards.

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